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NDIS Services
Call us on 1300 660073 or complete a referral form in the link below.  

Domestic Assistance

Our Care workers can help you with your everyday domestic tasks like cleaning, tidying & so much more.


Laundry Assistance

We can assist with your laundry.  Washing, folding & even ironing.  Whether you need a helping hand with the washing or you need us to do it for you, this can be part of the domestic assistance.

Lawns & Gardens

Mowing, gardening, weeding, hedging & outdoor tidying.  


We can assist you with your shopping.

Our care workers will be happy to shop for you or take you shopping.

Meal Prep

Our caring staff can prepare or help you to prepare your meals for the coming week.  We help with planning a menu and cooking what you like best. 


Spring Cleans

Ovens - Skirting boards - Tidy & wipe out linen & kitchen cupboards - Assist with sorting clothes & wardrobes etc - Clean out fridge & pantry - Dusting.


Other cleaning services

Our contractors can clean ceiling fans, remove cobwebs, gutter cleans, pressure clean outdoor area's & window cleaning. 


Community Access

We can take you to medical appts, meetings, family functions, train station, airports 

Our care workers can take you, wait for you or go with you & ensure you get home safe and sound.

Social support 

Our care workers can spend time with you, go for walk or take you to the shops.  Play board games or assist you with your favourite hobbie. 

Call us on 1300 660073

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